Tibia Paladin Leveling Guide


Guess i don't have to tell you ..


Edron Goblins.
40 healing potions. Spikesword/Smallstones,p-set, Dragon Shield if u have one or Dwarven Shield will work fine
Make Desert Quest for 10k when you hit lvl 20


GS Tomb. 20 healing potions. Spikesword, P-set dragon shield


Penisula tomb.
40 healing potions. Royal spears (refiller), p-set dragon shield


Yalahar Cemetery Quarter Right teleport. 40 healing potions. royal spears, paladin armor, blue legs, crown helmet, demon shield
Make Blue Legs Quest when you hit lvl 40


Yalahar Alchemist Quarter.
100 Strong healing potions. 100 Strong mana potions. Buy boh when u have cash.


Hellheim -3
100 Strong healing potions. 100 Strong mana potions. Buy: MMS and Demon Helmet when u can
Get a team and make yalahar quest to get your yalahar legs when you hit lvl 80


Okolnir Frost Dragons.
300 Strong manas and some Spirit Potions and same eq as above but with assassin stars and yalahar legs
Dont be afk from like 80-100 because you just started with assassin stars and it can be various dmg. Make sure that u easily can bot there before going afk!


Cemetery -1 @ banshee, braindead and this shit. 500 Strong Manas and 200 Spritit Potions and you'll be fine for some hours.
Buy: Elite Draken Helmet, Brotherhood of Bones/Nightmareknights Shield, Soft Boots, Master Archers Armor when you have the cash for this.

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