Play Classic Tibia!

Let's face it - the current state of Tibia isn't very promising. It's just not what it used to be. The devs have taken the game entirely to the wrong direction - they made it appeal to casual players, but that was never the audience for Tibia in the first place, and now it has faded into obscurity, with only 12 year old poles and brazilians playing the live version. It just can't compete with games like WoW, Diablo, or even less popular ones like AoC or RuneScape. Taking away the true players with shitty updates, Tibia will probably never return to its former glory, unless maybe the company gets sold to different owners.

Still, all hope is not completely lost. Open Tibia is still well and alive, in fact it's doing about as well as the real servers. If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what does.

So, everyone of you that used to love Tibia before it was ruined, you can now turn to the community to re-experience it again.

We are glad to announce our partners new project, the Scorpion OT classic tibia servers! We are hoping it will be a success in managing to replicate the old time feelings of Tibia, and will do everything in our power to help it succeed. The server will be a close replication of client 7.1 and 7.4, a never seen before hybrid of the best, hardest, most entertaining times of Tibia!

On ScorpionOT, you'll be able to lure the GS to the brige. You can't use hotkeys to aim runes. The spell for HMM is adori gran, and SD is adori vita vis. There are no wands. There is no protection zone on the ships. War hasn't been ruined by restrictions.

On top of the good sides of the classic clients, there have also been some improvements, such as actual anti botting measures, not just make believe, half assed ones. Active GMs and an antibot client, as well as a custom client and a general lack of availibility of bots, will make cheating difficult. However, the grinding aspect has been reduced a bit, as the leveling rate has been increased to 3 times of the original.

Visit their website here to learn more! Read More!

Classic Tibia Fansite -

Do you miss it - Lured giant spiders, no hotkeys, no 100 unjusts for 1 kill. While tibia is still a great game, that was what many call "real tibia".

Almost anyone who played back in the early 2000's says that that's when the game was at it's peak. Tibia back then had a real niche, it was a mysterious mmo, where you're never safe from anyone. Back then the restrictions to create chaos weren't as bad, they barely existed. In the early days, when you summoned a dragon, and logged out, it would become wild and kill everyone in sight. Any monsters could be lured, any lvl 8 could SD or use a war hammer (sd reguired ml 15, nothing else.) At one time, even if it was illegal to kill everyone in sight, there was no automatic ban for it! In fact, there used to be no skull system at all.

Do you miss it? Do you want to relive it? Are you interested in what it was like? Visit for all kinds of fun stuff related to classic Tibia. Read More!

Welcome to my Tibia blog!

Welcome to my tibia blog!

This "unoffical fansite" provides the Tibia community with many kind of cool, hidden and interesting information about the game. This site tries to be the most complete site with information and guides about things like vocation-specific leveling, moneymaking, quests and more, as you can or will be able to see by browsing the site. The content is constantly updated.

This site strives to entertain and help the more experienced players and the beginners of the game (n00bs lol). Hope you enjoy the site! Read More!

Tibia Pk Tips Tibia Pk Guide

Tibia PK tips:

- always carry some field-runes with you, incase someone tries to avoid dying by stair-hopping when the're out of potions. Just put a fire/poison/elextric field on the stair "entrance point" (you know what I mean...) and wait for them die.

- if you don't have any fields, and the victim/enemy stairhops, act like you're leaving and lure them to start running away from the stairs. then when they go, chase them and kill them before they get to PZ/other stairs. This only works if you can go faster than them (obviously).
Remember to not wait too long so they can't just logout.

- Especially on pvp-e, create a noob char to kill people's moneymaker-knights. Prepare to get hunted fast though. You can find afk-botters in more hidden places like some random rotworm cave in x city with only a few rotworms and like 3k/xp per hour.
There are plenty of these places, you just have to look. I don't want to reveal them here, because then you evil Pks would kill my characters!

- Use your surroudings wisely to block and trap your enemies

- Learn some useful pk-skills on the ot-servers. Especially important on mages.

- To PK as a knight, you must have high skills.

- You can chop down the druid version of MW, wild growth, with a machete.

- More tibia pvp tips will be added later. Read More!

Tibia Sorcerer /druid /mage guide 2010

Ever felt to bot a mage but dont know how? Then you are looking on the right place!

Tibia Sorcerer / Druid Guide 2010

Hello botters!

Ever felt to bot a mage but dont know how? Then you are looking on the right place!
Level 1-8(1% to 9)
Bot Rats in premium side or Al dee's rats. Good profit here.
If you want to go fast then wolfs on premium side is the best choice but no profit at all. When you are level 8(1% to 9) Go to isle of destiny and choose your vocation and kill some creatures till you are level 9.

Level 9-15
First buy Exura and then bot trolls. Good profit. Edron trolls or port hope swamp trolls. Use serpent sword or another melee weapon. Bring 8x Health potions for safety and always use exura as mana training.

Level 15-20
Buy Exori flam. Bot mountain tomb with melee weapon, be sure to put Exori flam om ghoul on targeting. Bring some manas and health potions. Dont forget to bring food, and always use exura as mana training.

Level 20-25
Bot rotworms with melee weapon, Edron or Darashia. I would propose Darashia north rotworms because i got more exp and cash there.
If you got money, buy promotion and use second wand/rod at rots, this way your magic level will be better, and you can do some runemaking while botting.

Level 25-40
Start bot Crocodiles port hope with task maker. This is very profitable and the tasks goes great here! Always use exura as mana training. Bring pots.
At level 35 you can start tarantula tasks but only if you have cash for it. Tarantula tasks is very profitable but from just the hunt on tarantulas you are gonna waste so you will need a good balance to buy mana pots at refill.
It is the boss "Hide" who will give you profit. If you dont have money for this keep going at crocodile tasks.

Level 40 - 50
Now train your magic level! Make runes and train till you have magic level 40~. This will make your comming hunts more profitable. Go darashia dragons. It is much profitable and very good exp. Dragons will be like pg style!
If you feel you cant afford too many hunts on dragons keep botting crocodiles / tarantulas with tasks. If you can afford it, buy some terra set you can use in those levels and bot Ancient scarabs, barely profit but it works fine with the exp here. Be careful though Ancient scarabs are very hard when they come 2 or more!

Level 50-90
Do mutated rat tasks! This is so much profit! And also good exp. Stay here long. You will get around 200k/h if you are lucky. Also bot water elementals at level 60, use rust removers, will be much more profitable. You will have more 200k/h here. You can also bot Dragons is you feel for that. At level 80 start do giant spider tasks if you can afford to waste a little bit for the hunts, The old widow is profitable now! Also start necromancer tasks, at level 60 you can begin hunt necromancers and get so much profit.

Level 90-110
Frost dragons time! If you got cash get so many sds as you can and SD lvl on those. Great exp/h and profit. Else use exori vis + wand/rod. Hydras are ok too, sometimes profit sometimes the loot cover your waste. You can also continue bot at Water elementals. Bot necromancers if you still have the task.

Level 110 - 120
Hellspawns time, those are much profitable and good exp. You can keep hunting Frost dragons if you want too. You can bot almost whereever you want!

Level 120-150
Hellfire fighters!! Use avalanche and mana shield.
At level 130 you can also hunt nightmares with terra set with profit.

Dont forget the quests!
Dessert quest [Level 20]
Paradox quest [Level 30]
Orc fortress quest [Level 40]
Banshee quest [Level 60]
Pits of inferno quest [Level 80]
Inq quest [Level 100]
Arena [prefer 20+]

Dont forget to train your magic level sometimes will make you good in higher levels.
Now its all up to you! Bot whereever you want! I hope this guide helped you alot and good luck on your mage! Read More!

Tibia Paladin Leveling Guide


Guess i don't have to tell you ..


Edron Goblins.
40 healing potions. Spikesword/Smallstones,p-set, Dragon Shield if u have one or Dwarven Shield will work fine
Make Desert Quest for 10k when you hit lvl 20


GS Tomb. 20 healing potions. Spikesword, P-set dragon shield


Penisula tomb.
40 healing potions. Royal spears (refiller), p-set dragon shield


Yalahar Cemetery Quarter Right teleport. 40 healing potions. royal spears, paladin armor, blue legs, crown helmet, demon shield
Make Blue Legs Quest when you hit lvl 40


Yalahar Alchemist Quarter.
100 Strong healing potions. 100 Strong mana potions. Buy boh when u have cash.


Hellheim -3
100 Strong healing potions. 100 Strong mana potions. Buy: MMS and Demon Helmet when u can
Get a team and make yalahar quest to get your yalahar legs when you hit lvl 80


Okolnir Frost Dragons.
300 Strong manas and some Spirit Potions and same eq as above but with assassin stars and yalahar legs
Dont be afk from like 80-100 because you just started with assassin stars and it can be various dmg. Make sure that u easily can bot there before going afk!


Cemetery -1 @ banshee, braindead and this shit. 500 Strong Manas and 200 Spritit Potions and you'll be fine for some hours.
Buy: Elite Draken Helmet, Brotherhood of Bones/Nightmareknights Shield, Soft Boots, Master Archers Armor when you have the cash for this. Read More!

Tibia Elder Druid Leveling Guide

Tibia druid leveling guide


1 - 8: Ok, at the beggining i advice you to hunt some rabbits/deers to get food and then to sell it. Then u can buy your rook eq (studded set, mace) and start hunting rookgard premium rats. U can easily get out of rook in 3-4 hours botting. Here u can use a script to logout at x exp (few experience point before 9 lvl). Choose Edron as your new city.

this Tibia druid leveling guide can ofcourse be used for sorcerers aswell


Now u have to hunt in isle of destiny to get 9 lvl

9 - 15: Buy yourself a p set, dwarven shield, a serpent sword and a Light Healing spell. Now u can go edron trolls. U can also go to PH trolls, but there's a risk of death by slimes/terror birds in the way to the cave. Set your bot to healing, mana training, cave hunting and looting gold. U can also set a hp alert if u dont want any risk.

15 - 30: Time for rotworms! Buy some mana potions and go to Darashia/LB rotworms. If there are ppl in all rotworms caves, u can go to larvas at ankh (they're less profitable and there's a problem with serpent sword) Set your bot to healing, mana training, cave hunting and gold looting. U can use hp and player attack alerts. U have to use "Exori Flam on Carrion Worms" script. When u reach lvl 28 start setting bot to make icicles.

30 - 40: Ok, here u can buy a better eq. Buy yourself a spirit/focus cape, fire sword and a dragon shield maybe. Go to dworcs! There is nice exp and big profit. Set your bot to healing, mana training, cave hunting and looting: gold, bast skirts, tribal masks, voodoo dolls. U can set some alerts and a idle alert for 1 minute (bcoz of the dworcs invisibility). Make icicles.

40 - 50: This is the worst time in your botting career. First do Blue Legs Quest, Orc Fortress (if u have friends to help you), Djinn Quest (friends needed), Crusader Helmet Quest and maybe Hat of the Mad Quest. U can still bot at dworcs/rots to earn money, but i prefered to hunt manually tarpit tomb before tp. There is really good exp and profit if u make p armors lootbags (i used rod here instead of f sword). U can also start hunting dragons/as but they wont be profitable then. There are many other places where u can hunt manually now, but tarpit tomb is the best for me. Remember to make icicles while botting and at night, they will make u rich soon.

50 - 60: Do BK Quest, Deep Fibula Quest, Scrapper Arena Quest. Start botting at Treasure Island. There is really nice exp and always profit. Take 4 bp mp and set your bot to mana training, mana restore, cave hunting and looting: gold, life ring, white/brown poc, red robe, spike sword. Use some alerts and following scripts: Exori flam on ghosts, pirate ghosts, Exori flam if 3 or more monsters near you and an advanced mage healing script. There are other good botting places now like: Hellheim, Nargor Ghosts and Pirates, but they can be a waste. Now u have a big variety of hunting manually places too. Try AS, Dragons, Cults, Necros, Tombs after tp and Djinns if u want a big profit. These are really nice spots. REMEMBER ABOUT ICICLES. :)

60 - 70:First do Banshee Quest, Necro Quest, F axe Quest and Wrl Quest. Here is the time to use your ICICLES. U should have something like ~40bp icicles now. Buy 3 bp mps, take 6 bps icicles and go to infernalists. Exp is nice and loot is AWESOME. Summon 2 ds, heal them at red hp. I also used Healing script (u can not be fast enough to heal here), paralyze script and "holding target" script (to shoot at invivsible infs). If he summon fe, then kill it with ice wave. I will put my ss with loot after 40 bps icicles later. There are many spots to hunt manually also. AS/Dragons/Dls/Cults/Hydras/Necros/Heroes/tombs after tp/Djinns (for profit)/ stairhopping behemoths without mana shield and demons with mana shield. If u want to bot choose nargor pirate ghosts/treasure island/hellheim with your second arena weapon, or cults, necros, dragons and pirates with rod (I think u are now experienced enough to set your bot without tips ). U are now a powerful mage and a lot of knights want to hunt with u . U should buy SOFT BOOTS and AOL.

70 - 80o Vampire Shield Quest, Behemoth Quest, Pits Of Inferno and Yalahar Quest. Your eq should look like: Yalahari Mask (Magma Monocle), Focus Cape (Magma Coat), Blue Legs (Magma Legs), Boots Of Haste (Soft Boots), Demon Shield (Spellbook Of Mind Control), Hailstorm Rod (Underworld Rod). Now you can bot at: Hellheim, Dworcs, Treasure Island, Nargor Pirate Ghosts, Pirates, Necros, Heroes, Dragons, Tombs, Cyclopolis. If you want to hunt manually choose: PoI D lair(risky), Necros, Dragons, Cults, Infernalists, Heroes, Behemoths (ice cube-hopping), Ancients Scarabs, Deeper Tombs, Djinns, Worker Golems, Giant Spiders. If you want to hunt in team choose: Nightmares, Destroyers, Demons, Mines, Hydras (big resp or Hydra Isle), Warlocks, Behemoths, Deep Banuta. You can also make make runes with or without soft boots.

Hope this Tibia druid leveling guide helped, this is how I leveled. Read More!

tibia rook rookgaard tips

More Rook Tips:

- 90% of the people in rat caves are bots, don't bother trying to talk to them.

- It's really easy to bot in rook. You can just download simple waypoints for a rat cave, then AFK-bot from 1-8. Don't bother with trolls or anything else as FACC, as PACC you could also try the wolves, but I always just go rats.

- Kill the chickens you see and sell the feathers in Main if this is your first character on the server

- You can get some good starter equipment by doing the doublet quest, the rapier quest, then collecting a few dead rats and buying a wooden shield. That's enough to survive the rat caves.

- If you want better equipment, and there are still people left on your server, just go to the minotaur cave and pick up all the items you can get. However, this doesn't work if there's noone killing the monsters for you

- If you intend to train in main, on any char on the server you're on, it might be a good idea to pick up worms

Read More!

Tibia Tips

Here are some good Tibia Tips that don't go into any other category

The Tibia Tips:

- When someone is showing off his items and "teasing" people by throwing the item to the ground and then taking it back, throw useless shit on the item! This way they have to first remove the junk before they can get the item, and you may be able to get their item! Prepare to hear "hunted!!!11" after that, though, lol. This also works on corpses.

- If you know they dialogue of an NPC discussion, you don't have to wait till the NPC asks or says something, you can just spam your answers in a row. For example, if you want to buy something from a vendor, you can just say hi and then trade before the NPC says anything. Saves some time.

- Consider setting your rope as a hotkey for quick escapes/roping your victims up from holes!

- When you get married, you get a new outfit. You can also get this outfit for free accounts. If you don't want to get married to your friend, you can just marry your own secondary account. Then it'll cost you 10k for 2 new outfits. Note that rooking your character doesn't remove the outfit, so if you want an unqie looking rookchar, get the outfit. You could also get a redskull to the rook-char. Search Tibia-wiki if you don't know how to get married.

- On a Pvp or a Pvp-enforced server, it's good to keep a parcel in your inventory. Fill the label with your own character's information. If someone attacks you in a city, and you know you will die and can't escape you can just send your equipment to yourself before he kills you.

- If you do the postman quest, you can send yourself the loot you got from hunting and you'll never run out of capacity

- Read the letters in front of caves/hunting places. Someone you can't beat may have reserved the place and may kill you if you go there

- This is very useful whenever you want skip the waiting line at Ships or Magic Carpets, just say "please bring me to (city)" and you will be teleported to that City without waiting. You can hotkey please bring me to and then write the city manually.
Remember, this only works when somebody else is already talking to the NPC! (stole this from TibiaWiki (, props to them)

- It's useful to keep a destroy field rune with you. If you explore the world, you'll find that you could use
it in many places, sometimes there's even a field blocking a hole. Addionatilly, it may help you if
someone tries to kill you/ trap you.

- You can monitor how many gold coing you currently have in your backpack by setting a gold coin to a hotkey just like you would set a rune

- Set the "ambient light" option to the highest setting in the graphics menu, and you won't need to use torches/utevo lux/bots to see in a cave.

- Carry a weaker wand or rod with you to kill the immune monsters (e.g. snakes as a druid with a poison rod) LMMs work too

- You can monitor how many gold coing you currently have in your backpack by setting a gold coin to a hotkey just like you would set a rune

- Set the "ambient light" option to the highest setting in the graphics menu, and you won't need to use torches/utevo lux/bots to see in a cave.

- Carry a weaker wand or rod with you to kill the immune monsters (e.g. snakes as a druid with a poison rod) LMMs work too

- This following Tibia Tip is a bit "extreme". Use it at your own risk. If you want to later rename your character, give it a "forbidden name" but in a foreign, less used language (not swe, br or pl..) This ensures it doesn't get reported earlier than you want to.
Then later, when you want to rename your character, report it yourself and you'll be flagged for a rename.

I have had many characters with really stupid and maybe even funny names, such as "Sucking cock for free" ,but written in finnish, and I never got reported, because not enough Finnish people seem to play Tibia.

- On a Pvp server, if someone is following you for a long-ish time, it's likely he's going to try to kill you. Especially if you see him trying to cast something but failing, so you see the gray cloud, it's time to run if you think you can't take him.

- Ctrl + N hides your characters name. Pressing it again hides the health bar, and 1 more time it returns to normal. Useful for screenshots if you don't want to reveal yourself.

- As you may have noticed, your character speeds up when walking on a road, for example. So when running, try to go the straighest way possible shile still hitting as many "quickening tiles" as you can. This way, you'll travel a bir faster and traveling becomes less mindless.

- You can hide (or find) stuff hidden "under" trees or pillars, so it looks like there's only the tip of the tree there, but under the tip there's an item. I added a picture to make it more clear:

- More Tibia Tips will be added later Read More!