Tibia Knight Leveling Guide

This Tibia Knight Leveling Guide is mainly for free account and for your own good, botting, but not afk botting, is recommended.

Level 1-8:

Location: Al Dee Rat's Cave

EQ Required: Mace, Sword, Sabre. Leather Armor, Leather Legs

Monsters: Rats (not bugs) Location: Island of Destiny

EQ Required: Island of Destiny EQ

Monsters: Trolls (I think it is)

Level 9-15

Location: Ab'Dendriel Trolls (Under Depot)

EQ Required: Plate Armor, Dwarven Shield + Island of Desiny EQ

Skills: You should try to make 45/45 hunting in Ab'Dendriel Trolls

Monsters: Trolls, Troll ChampionsQuote:

Key required to enter Troll's Cave, buy it from NPC outside cave.

Level 16-30

Location: Mount Sternum, Undeads

EQ Required: Knight Armor, Plate Legs, Beholder/Dragon Shield,

Any weapon for 20+, Steel Helmet

Monsters: Ghouls, Skeletons, Bats, Cave Rats, Poison Spiders

Skills: Make 55/55+ in this cave

Quote:Mount Sternum = Thais Cyclop Mountain. Underground, -3 Level

Level 31-50:

Location: Dark Cathedral [Start with -1 untill level 42, then take -2]

EQ Required: Knight Armor, Knight Legs, Vampire Shield, Level 30-35 weapon, Crusader Helmet, And maybeBoH if you have cash

Skills: Make atleast 65/65 - 70/70 in Dark Cathedral

Potions: You need 2-3 Backpacks of Health Potions, like 5 meat.Monsters:

-1 Floor: Bandit, Smuggler, Wild Warrior, Centipede, Poison Spider, Assassin (1 or 2), Dark Monk (1 or 2)

-2 Floor: Assassins, Dark Monks, Witches, Mummies, Maybe Ghosts

Level 51-65 (or 70):

Location: Mount Sternum, Cyclops Caves (underground)

Equipment: Boh, DSM, C/G-Legs, Demon Shield/MMS, Level 60 weapon, Royal Helmet, AOL

Potions: 2-3 Backpacks of Strong Health Potions

Monsters: Cyclops, Cyclop Drones, Cyclop SmithsSkills: 75/75 - 80/80+

Quote:Mount Sternum Cyclops can be crowded, but sometimes it is 0 people.

Level 70-85

Location: Orc Fortress

Monsters: All kinds of Orcs

Potions:4-5 Backpacks of Strong Health Potions (untill lvl 80)3 Backpacks of Great Health Potions (level 80+)2 Backpacks of Mana Potions

Skills: 80/80+

Equipment: Boh, Demon Helmet, Golden Legs, DSM, Level 80 weapon, MMS, AOL

Level 86-100 (First Place)

Location: Venore Dragon Lair

Monsters: Dragon, Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Lord, Dragon Lord Hatchling

Potions: 4-5 Backpacks of Great Health Potions3 Backpacks of Mana Potions

Equipment: Boh, Demon helmet, Golden Legs, MMS, Level 80 weapon, Magic Plate Armor, AOL

level 86-100 (Second Place)

Location: PoH (Plains of Havoc) Giant Spiders

Monsters: Giant Spiders, Dragons, Demon Skeleton, Ghoul, Poison Spiders, Cyclops

Equipment: Boh, Demon helmet, Golden Legs, MMS, Level 80 weapon, Magic Plate Armor, AOL

Potions: 3-5 Backpacks of Great Health Potions2 Backpacks of Mana Potions

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